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First dev advocacy project?

What was the very first project you worked on in a developer advocacy capacity?

For me, my first biggest challenge was learning CI/CD and then teaching it to devs I served. My very first project was a lot easier though—I wrote this content piece about storing WordPress configuration (database goodness) in your codebase instead.

If it's been a while, what do you wish you would have done differently?

For me, I had no idea how we were tracking the success of our projects and that never crossed my mind as a newbie dev advocate.

Would love to hear from all of you 🙌

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Maciek Palmowski

My first DevRel project was being a WP Ambassador at Buddy. I always was a developers, so changing job was a bit scarry.

Now I'm responsible for running WP-oriented webinars ( ), writing articles on how use Buddy with WP and the most fun part - talking with developers.

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My First Developer Advocacy project was related to Mozilla's Firefox OS.

  • I got a chance to host Firefox OS App development workshop around India.
  • Was also helping team with reviewing apps and verifying they don't harm marketplace.
  • Got chance to collaborate with Mozilla India Firefox OS launch team; trained local mobile team about various features available for Firefox OS and how to use them effectively.
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Rizel Scarlett

My first project was contributing to open source for the first time. I created a dropdown menu component with React.js, enabled it to use dark mode and light mode, and added it to story book. Then, I created a blog post and a talk about it. I presented the talk (poorly) at Codeland, but I got the chance to redeem myself at All Things Open and some other conferences.

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Pachi Parra

My first DevRel project was to work writing tweets and engage with developer on Twitter This Dot Labs!