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Welcome to our community launch 🎉

Mentoring developers is one of my major passions in life. Actually, mentoring anyone is a passion. For whatever reason, I've always had the desire to share the things I know with anyone who will listen. When I launched Devocate, the intent was to build a SaaS product serving developer advocacy programs—both internally and externally. That dream is still very much alive, and you may even start to see updates on this in 2022.

For now, though, there is a major candidate gap in the developer relations space. In my role at Lacework, I'm currently hiring developer advocates, a community leader, & a community engineer. Recruiting has been my most difficult challenge thus far. This has been the consensus in the industry since the pandemic started.

While I'm working through life and eventually getting to that SaaS product, I felt it was important to help fill this gap within our industry. In order to do that I felt we needed more education and direct impact with aspiring developer advocates, as well as content to raise awareness of developer advocacy overall.

Community benefits

Our community is hosted on a platform called Forem. It's the same community platform that was built for and is now available for others to leverage. Huge shoutout to the Forem team for sponsoring Devocate and giving us access to such a powerful community platform.

We hoped that if we could give developers a similar experience as what they're used to with, that it would make them feel more comfortable joining us and engaging. Spoiler alert, it's already been positively mentioned.

Learn about developer advocacy

Between the content that we share, and what is shared by our community members, there will be lots of great resources and information to help you learn about developer advocacy and improve your professional soft skills.

Each week our team will create content & engagement opportunities around a specific topic, keeping the content focused and allowing folks to learn a topic deeply each week. This week's topic is developer advocacy 101. Take a peek at our public content calendar for future topics.

Mentorship guidance & peer reviews

You can find experienced mentors within our community sharing great content & resources. Ask them about their experiences and career paths—they're advocates, after all, they'd love to share insights with you! You can also ask for a peer review of the content and resources that you're creating.

Practice advocacy

We're partnering with trustworthy, developer-focused companies to bring you opportunities to practice advocacy & build your reputation. We also encourage community members to write about their favorite tools and products, guiding them along the way to learn advocacy as they make a positive impact on those companies—likely inspiring their peers to want to learn more.

Career opportunities

You can find career opportunities in our job board. We also share many opportunities that we find across the internet (and through social listening) in our Devocate Digest newsletter, which lands in subscribers' inboxes on Saturday mornings.

How to get involved

If you're excited about what we're building, we'd really appreciate your support. Here are a few ways you can help advocate for Devocate. 📣

Say Hello 👋

Introduce yourself below and share the following things about yourself:

  • Your Name
  • Why you're here
  • Your experience in developer advocacy
  • What you're hoping to gain from this community
  • A fun fact about you that not many people know

Discussion (13)

darren1211 profile image
Darren Huang

Hey everyone! My name is Darren and I currently work as a developer advocate at Codementor. My team and I are based in Taipei, Taiwan.

A little background about me - I did my bachelor's in computer science, but realized that I actually didn't love programming. I took a big turn and worked for a non-profit for a few years. During that time, I traveled a lot and did lots of stuff - just not programming.

I've only been in my DA role for a few months. It's a bit daunting to get back into the developer community again after being gone for so long. I was looking for people more experienced in this role to connect with and learn from. You can imagine that I was very happy when Devocate popped up right then on my feed!

anthonygore profile image

Hi, I'm Anthony and I'm a developer, author, and community builder. I'm the founder of Vue.js Developers and a Vue Community Partner.

I think the field of DevRel is just at the beginning and I'm interested to be part of the growth.

theankurtyagi profile image
Ankur Tyagi

Hey! Awesome People,

I’m Ankur Tyagi.

An enthusiastic software engineer shaping the future of software development.

I love 1-1 speaking to people.

I develop web applications, mentor budding developers, and create content for the web.

Check out my Twitter(@theankurtyagi ) for programming and career-related tweets.

How My Work will Benefit You:

I explore through my work, “How can I help developer to live better?”

I explore great ideas and make them actionable.

- How to become a better developer
- How to add good choices in life & subtract bad choices
- How to accomplish a fit body with the help of science
- How to win people & make good professional relationships
- How to achieve awesome results in your next tech interview
- How to effectively utilize your time (Time is allocation first money later)
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I believe a good community member:

1) Help to designs the community
2) Gives oxygen to the community
3) Keeps the community healthy

And in last I would like to thank you @tessak22 . You are doing some amazing work for the community.

bpk68 profile image
Rob Kendal

Hey folks, I'm Rob, currently a front-end development lead based in Yorkshire UK, but looking into a migration of career into developer relations and advocacy. I'm a prolific content creator and code mentor so it feels like a natural path for me right now.

Lookingforward to seeing how the Devocate community grows and being a part of it 😊

valdecircarvalho profile image
Val Carvalho - aka @homelaber • Edited

Hello there!
This is Valdecir Carvalho but you can call me just Val.
I'm here to meet people and share.
I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I'm part of the Oracle Global DevRel team.
Before that I was Community Manager at VMware
My background is IT Architecture but I LOVE COMUNITIES and talk to people.
Congrats on the lauch and thanks for putting this to the community.
I'm a retired wedding photographer and I don't eat beams :)

You can follow me on twitter @homelaber

tessak22 profile image
Tessa Kriesel Author

Welcome Val! I love communities too, something about hanging with people like me that makes me incredibly happy. Thank you on the congrats, communities are only as good as the members in it, so thank YOU for joining and helping make it what it is. 💜 Wedding photography was pretty demanding job I can assume?!

tearlachdotdev profile image

Hello all,
I'm Charles from Scotland, UK.
I am a full stack developer but lean more to the front-end side.

My interest in DevRel began over the past year and I am looking forward to learning more, and hopefully be able to contribute to the community in some way 🙂

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Hello ! I'm Thomas, french web developer principaly 😄

michaeltharrington profile image

Hey folks! I work on the Forem/DEV team and am just here to help out.

If anybody has questions about the platform that Devocate is built on — how to post articles, embed different media forms (like YouTube), or any other mechanics, I'd be happy to assist.

Hope ya all have a wonderful day!

iamjane profile image

Hello all!

My name is Jane and I am here to get advice from experienced public speakers and community builders on creating effective content.

I worked for a few years as a translator and business development manager (I speak Mandarin!) and then went to a bootcamp which lead to about 3 years full stack dev experience, mostly on the public platform team of Stack Overflow. Now I've worked for about 4 months in my first developer relations job with Uiflow.

I'm really looking forward to learning with everyone and sharing experiences in the field! I imagine this community will be a great help to grow quickly in my new role.

A fun fact about me that not many people know is that my grandparents (and everyone before them) were cheesemakers and my grandpa won the State Fair for Swiss Cheese in Wisconsin three years in a row.

tessak22 profile image
Tessa Kriesel Author

Welcome, Jane! So glad you're here.

byte_sized_dev profile image
Sydney Noh • Edited

Hello everyone!
My name is Sydney and I'm a full stack engineer out of Nashville, TN.

By day I work as an engineer at Built Technologies and by night I'm a Junior Instructor at a non profit coding bootcamp called Nashville Software School.

I'm only two years into my coding journey and only a two weeks into knowing that I want to move into Developer Advocacy. Currently I am trying to make the case to move into that role which doesn't currently exist at my company.

Can't wait to meet everyone, learn from this community, and make inroads into this exciting new career!

aravind profile image
Aravind Venugopal

Hello folks, I am Aravind from India. I am currently looking after few community initiatives and striving to help create an open environment where people can join in, learn and grow together :-)