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vishy • Edited on

Hi #DevRel community what is the major difference you see in your role among various companies

Cloud Platform: Google /AWS/Cloudflare ...
SAAS Services: Salesforce/Atlassian ...
Developer tools: Postman/JetBrains ...

If you see any knowledge sharing limitation what are those

Will love to see community share the thoughts as blog post; Already community member have commented its loaded question in twitter

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Tessa Kriesel Author • Edited on

Hey @iamvp7 . So nice to see you here.

The first thing I shared in my tweet is the B2B vs B2D angle. This is a HUGE difference in how you approach DevRel. You can learn more about B2D here. When your companies target audience is developers (B2D), everyone in your company is thinking with a DevRel/community mindset—or at least you hope. If they aren't now, they will be soon (when they realize it).

B2B DevRel teams usually have a lot more work internally to prove program success and tend to need to focus on metrics and data more to prove their value as their stakeholders may not fully understand why they're necessary. Sometimes you're blessed with a company that gets it, but oftentimes you don't.

The biggest difference beyond product market fit, is your developer personas. Where do these groups of people spend their time? For example, if you're a product offering for PHP stacks, you likely won't be spending time at Python events and in their communities. Depending on your angle tho, you may be doing some of that if you're trying to convince Python devs to try PHP (just examples, 🤪).

Another difference is what developer products and features of your overall product they're using.

Basically, each DevRel role is going to differ (different product, different audiences, different company goals, different program alignment, etc). Even if you stick to an industry niche in your career, you will still experience so many differences across the teams. I just touched the tip of the iceberg with examples.

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Thanks for the depth reply @tessak22 . This is something which may new beginners like myself fail to look and miss. Chances we may end up at domain where we are not interested.

And personally thanks for developing this community. Its much helpful to everyone.

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Tessa Kriesel Author

Of course. It's the community I wished I had when I first started. In terms of considering roles with companies, I would think about the developers that leverage that product and if they are the peers you want to spend your time with.