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Few things I learned working in DevRel

Let me start with one funny thing. I worked as a developer for all my career and at some point, out of the blue, I became WP Ambassador at Buddy. It took me some time to even learn that there is something like DevRel at all (I thought that being an ambassador is more of marketing role).

Things I learned working at Buddy:

  • It's something between marketing ad development. I constantly have a chance to write some, build interesting CI/CD flows, talk with developers to think about some cool ideas for webinars etc. On the other hand I talk with people a lot.
  • Working in DevRel, for a former developer, is really cool and quite easy. If you don't have a problem with talking to people and you are a technical person than you should like this job.
  • For me it's also cool, that most of times I talk with engineers rather than marketers. This gives me a chance to constantly learn new stuff. Also for me talking with engineers is much easier than with marketers.
  • Most developers prefer to focus on one task. In DevRel there is a lot of small tasks, having a lot conversations at once and overall keeping it all together is hardest part.
  • Overall being a charismatic jack-of-all-trades is something very useful here. It's easier to connect the dots.

At least that's what I have learned :)

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