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Stats about us

  • Our blog has ~2k unique visits per month
  • We have a total mailing list of 550. This list consists of developers, developer advocates, DevRel & community leaders, founders & investors.
  • Our Slack community has 76 members.
  • Last month our audience grew by 856%.
  • We increased our Twitter following by 28%, had 490 link clicks, total tweet impressions of 98.2k in the last 28 days.
  • Twitter audience of over 7k total (it's small, but it's saturated with all the right people)
  • Combined total audience across all channels of over 1,200.
  • 606% audience growth & 597% engagement growth in August 2021.
  • Developers love us.
  • You'll be supporting a community that is completely open-source. We create content to follow our mission to educate developers on developer advocacy. Our team encourages and mentors developers to empower them to share content, gain feedback, and eventually share their own learnings & educate others. It's for a good cause all around.
  • Your brand & product will be in front of hundreds of developers who are either aspiring developer advocates or already experienced in their #DevRel career.
  • And on top of all of this, we haven't even launched our community yet. Watch for our launch on September 23rd, 2021

Sponsorship Opportunities

Weekly topic sponsor — $3,000

Each week we cover a focused topic to help educate and empower developers to master the concepts taught. Each content piece created will mention your sponsorship in whichever way makes the most sense for the piece. Our content calendar is public if you're curious about what we plan to create and cover.

Sponsorship benefits

Most benefits take place the week of your topic sponsorship only.

  • Homepage banner placement, custom HTML
  • Right sidebar ad placement, custom HTML (300px x 300px MAX)
  • Left sidebar text ad placement below sponsors for open opportunities only (jobs, beta programs, events, etc.)
  • Right sidebar Featured Stories for your product official tag (you choose the topics listed from the community, or ask developers to write some for the thought leadership opp—we'll help)
  • Your product/company mentioned in each piece of content launched that week, see our Content Calendar
  • Five social posts, one per weekday, about your company or product, to be defined by our team with an authentic voice.
  • Featured in our Devocate Digest weekly newsletter below Devocate Announcements at the top
  • One featured job posting included, see below for benefits
  • Introduction to up to 15 developers who may be interested in trying your product
  • One featured & pinned content piece in our community tagged under your product official tag
  • Community badge awarded to developers of your choosing (awarded monthly manually by our team, badges live forever in our community)

Available topics

  • September 27: Personal website
  • October 4: Blogging & sharing
  • October 11: Online presence & resume
  • October 18: Social profiles & followers
  • October 25: Audience personas & channels
  • November 1: Newsletters

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Job posting — $500

  • Key placement within our job board
  • Job showcased in our weekly newsletter for four weeks
  • Five social posts advertising your job posting on Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Job posted in our #job-board in Slack

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Support Devocate's Mission

Folks have asked how they can support Devocate. Our first ask would be to join the community, share your knowledge and help our users grow their developer advocacy knowledge. You can also share our mission and community with your peers & network. If your time is restricted, you can make a one-time donation.