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You're hearing my thoughts now (good luck)

I've been planning my Devocate strategy and going back and forth over whether I should publicize my content calendar or not. Then it dawned on me. I should be sharing everything with you all. Every thought that goes through my mind and reason why I do something. My role here at Devocate is to essentially play a developer advocate & community manager—it's my responsibility to ensure you're finding success and getting the answers you need.

Devocate Goal for Q4

To empower developers to learn developer advocacy and leverage their new skills for professional growth.

How do we accomplish this goal?

No single activity is going to accomplish this goal. This goal will require a variety of tasks and projects to accomplish.

Writing better goals

Let's actually break down this goal. How will we know when we've accomplished this goal? As it's written now, we wouldn't. There is no set value or clear definition of done.

Goals should have a clear metric associated so you know when you've met them.

Rewrite our goal

To empower 200 developers to learn developer advocacy and leverage their new skills for professional growth.

200 developers means that it's likely too many for me to personally help. That would mean that I will need to find a way to scale my work in order to accomplish this goal. This is the underlying secret to every goal I write. I make them hard to accomplish on purpose.

The effort I will put in to scale my work to 200 developers will prove incredibly valuable for my career growth. Why? Because I'm going to need to do something awesome to make it happen—at least by myself.

Accomplishing the new goal

If you're curious about what I am thinking about to scale my work, here's a few ideas I have so far:

  • Guest writer program with experienced dev advocates
  • Launching the Pack (Devocate's advocacy/champions program)
  • Empowering members to help each other through moderator programs
  • Developer advocacy content shared far beyond Devocate's current audience

Scaling my work will come. For now, I need to at least serve a handful of those developers and learn from that experience before I finalize on any ideas.

Devocate's Roadmap

Due to my schedule and life, I need to remain hyper focused with the content I create for Devocate and the community. Therefore, I have landed on a weekly theme to help me stay on topic & meet my goal. Each week, we will launch various forms of content on a single topic.

During the week we will share audio, video, written, social, community, and other forms of content around the topic. For example, our first topic will be your personal website. Essentially, all week long you're going to hear about your personal website—learning great tips on what to do, why, & how to do it. We'll bring in guest speakers and community members to share insights, and you'll be encouraged to share what you've learned and know.

Weekly topic sponsors

Topics also allow us to have weekly sponsors who can actually benefit our developers. For example, WordPress or Ghost would both make great Devocate sponsors for topic week 1. I'm not quite ready to think through my sponsorships but eventually I need to make money to pay contributors and a team.

Upcoming weekly topics

Next week is officially launch week. We're in early access mode now and should have a great deal of new users on launch day—September 23rd, 2021. After launch, we'll start the weekly topics.

  • September 27: Your personal website
  • October 4: Blogging & sharing
  • October 11: Online presence & resume
  • October 18: Social profiles & followers
  • October 25: Audience personas & channels
  • November 1: Newsletters
  • and many more weeks of exciting content!

This post was sort of random, but it was intentional. I'm going to start sharing more candid content like this so you can better understand how I behave like a developer advocate to promote and build our community here. 💜

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Tessa Kriesel Author

And you can join a Meetsy discussion that week on building your website.

This is the kind of content I’ll launch. Meetsy is a networking tool and that helps connect people. You should join the DevRel meet one (it’s Networking under the main menu). Anyways, a group discussion is just one way I can create content and build engagement around the topic and community. These face to face groups help create a stronger relationship between members.

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Nizar Mahmoud

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love communities which value transparency.
Looking forward to the content mentioned. It'll be an awesome start!