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Understanding Devrel and why your company needs it.

Have you ever heard the word "Devrel" and wonder what it is all about? Yes? Well then, you are in the right place to getting your question answered and your curiosity satisfied. I will be writing in just a few sentences what Devrel is about and why your company needs it.

Devrel is short for Developer Relations. Think of Public Relations (PR) in the society, Devrel is the developer version of this.

Different people have different definitions for Devrel but the same logic applies to all. Devrel focuses on building relationships with developer communities through series of activities and the goal of these activities is so that developers can adopt a product or solution.
Companies that offer products or services developers integrate with should definitely have a Devrel team.

Some people mistake Devrel to be the same as Developer Advocate. Devrel is the umbrella term for the team whose primary responsibility is building a community of developers. This includes Developer Advocacy, Developer Evangelism, Community Management, Technical Evangelism, Developer Program Management e.t.c

Devrel is often underrated and criticized by folks who do not have knowledge of what it is they do; their responsibility in a company and importance to the developer community.

It is not easy for a company to get people to trust their product especially if you are just starting out and in a competitive niche. This is why you need Devrel to:

  1.  build relationships and foster trust.
  2. help people work through the challenges they encountered with your product.
  3. build tools to empower your product and give it class.
  4. receive feedback from the community to other teams.
  5. help strategically market your product. etc.

If you are looking to go into Devrel, it is really a great career path. Always keep in mind that in a company, the Devrel team is as important as every other team. No team is inferior to another and each have a part to play in making a product scale.
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