Discussion on: Welcome to our community launch 🎉

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Val Carvalho - aka @homelaber • Edited on

Hello there!
This is Valdecir Carvalho but you can call me just Val.
I'm here to meet people and share.
I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I'm part of the Oracle Global DevRel team.
Before that I was Community Manager at VMware
My background is IT Architecture but I LOVE COMUNITIES and talk to people.
Congrats on the lauch and thanks for putting this to the community.
I'm a retired wedding photographer and I don't eat beams :)

You can follow me on twitter @homelaber

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Tessa Kriesel Author

Welcome Val! I love communities too, something about hanging with people like me that makes me incredibly happy. Thank you on the congrats, communities are only as good as the members in it, so thank YOU for joining and helping make it what it is. 💜 Wedding photography was pretty demanding job I can assume?!